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A1 Consulting is your partner in technology solutions. We blend creative, strategic planning with expert knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges for businesses.We know that a business builds its foundation on information technology. Our services include IT staffing and outsourcing, IT consulting, and project management. IT managers and executives can also count on our expertise in security and control, compliance, and disaster recovery planning.Our IT consulting firm also specializes in a wide range of information technology solutions for your company, including ERP solutions, system assessment, project management, integration and security, application development, risk assessment, contingency planning, compliance consulting, data warehousing, and many other information technology services and IT operations.
Application Development and Maintenance Develop with Confidence
You’re working hard to keep up with ever-increasing competition, ever-advancing technology, and ever-shortening application life-cycles. You’re seeking a solutions provider who can help you improve efficiency, achieve rapid scalability, and keep costs low. But you mustn’t let quality slip. Not only to avoid operational problems, but also to make sure you don’t negatively impact service to your customers. That can put your reputation on the line within your organization, as well as throughout today’s Twittering, blog-happy marketplace.To mitigate that risk, you need A1 Consulting as your partner. Our software development expertise will ensure the communication, cohesiveness, and control you need to swiftly deliver the application you need. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way — from requirements to release — utilizing our own well-defined process or working within your preferred methodology.And over time, a collaborative partnership with A1 Consulting can maintain modernity in your applications, helping you to:
1. Attract new customers and retain existing ones
2. Improve the user experience
3. Extend the reach of a centralized application to users in the field
4. Enhance the efficiency of data capture and processing
5. Boost distributed reporting capability
6. Extend the life and functionality of legacy systems by interfacin7. them with more modern applications And more

Keep it Performing
While engaging on-going support services for your applications, you need to be confident that the right fix is being applied at the right time; and, that any fix does not break something else. Working as a virtual extension of your team, A1 Consulting skill at using your preferred maintenance processes ensures consistency in your system performance and functionality. And of course, proper documentation and trace-ability are maintained at all times.Our comprehensive application maintenance services include:
? Corrective maintenance for thorough resolution of defects
? Preventive maintenance to prevent problems before they occur
? Adaptive maintenance to adapt software to changes in your systems or system environment
Quality Assurance Quality assurance testing must mitigate the risk of loss and damage to your brand. As such, it is arguably the most critical of development life-cycle stages. A1 Consulting�s QA Center of Excellence delivers proven expertise in the full range of testing disciplines. Like all of our life-cycle solutions, our testing process will adapt to your needs and specifications, ensuring your confidence and the end user’s in the final application or product.

Manual Testing
Sometimes, the best testing instruments are a person’s eyes and hands. Like when you need to visually confirm graphic displays or evaluate a programs full functionality. With this method, we’ll prepare a comprehensive test plan that aligns with your specifications. We’ll test installation, compatibility, functionality, and reliability. We can test a wide variety of applications (web, Windows-based, GUI, XML, Java, and more) in a comprehensive range of environments (user platforms, operating systems, servers, browsers), as well as user interface performance under increasing load.
Automated Testing
Then there are times when automated testing makes more sense, practically and economically. For example, after defect resolution and product extension projects, when regression testing is needed to repeatedly make sure code changes are maintained without negatively affecting functionality. With repetitive processes, automated testing can eliminate fatigue-related human error and maximize accuracy. Our services include test scripts, plans, and specifications; data-driven testing; production test automation; test consulting; and regression test suites.Performance Testing
If your products, applications, and systems do not perform well, you can throw your enterprises responsiveness and competitiveness out the window. A1 proactive performance testing can help you ensure application interactivity, security, and speed. We’ll start with a performance requirements feasibility analysis. Look at the interoperability of applications across various platforms, browsers, servers, and languages. Discover ways to reduce the risks associated with Internet fraud, workflow bottlenecks, and scalability problems. And avoid breakdowns under peak-load stress, maximizing efficiency and productivity.White Box Testing
A1 white box testing covers the internal logic and structure of code, revealing any errors in logic and confirming adequate coverage of all code statements. We ensure code conforms to design, testing all paths, branches, and conditions. We can conduct unit testing; static and dynamic analysis; security testing, integration testing, and more.Black Box Testing
Black box testing examines the functionality of an entire system, and is critical for improving product quality and speeding up time-to-market. To prepare for this type of testing, A1 designs test scenarios, defines test conditions, identifies data to be used, and describes the expected results. Our testing expertise includes system testing, end-to-end testing, and much more.
Oracle E-Business Suite Enterprise Resource PlanningOracle E-Business Modules
We provide consulting services for Oracle Applications 11.0.3, 11i, and Release 12. We specialize in the following modules – Distribution, Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Advanced Pricing, Inventory, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), HRMS, and Work in Process. Our consultants have a wealth of experience with these modules and will help your company take full advantage of each. If you require customizations, we have extensive experience using Workflow and the Open Interfaces and Standard API’s to create optimal solutions to meet your specific business requirement.Oracle Financials Oracle General Ledger The Oracle General Ledger module in Oracle Applications Release 12 has changed greatly from 11i. In general, you have much more control over how your company is represented in Oracle. There are many new options and structural changes at the organization and ledger level. Subledger accounting is a powerful new feature that is available in Oracle R12 and can help to define how your accounting is derived. Intercompany and Intracompany has also been enhanced in Oracle R12. Oracle Payables Oracle Payables in R12 has been restructured from 11i. Oracle Payables is used for AP invoicing and Oracle Payments is used for payments. Oracle Payments is web-based and all payment batches are done through the new web-based forms.Oracle Receivables Oracle AR has also been restructured in R12. Most of the collections functionality that was previously available in Oracle 11i is removed from Oracle Receivables in R12 and replaced by reports. The collections functionality is now only available by licensing the module for Oracle Collections. There have been several other enhancements that can be read about on Oracle’s website. Another relevant change is the integration of the Trading Community Architecture with Oracle vendors and customers.� Oracle Assets�Oracle Assets in R12 has not changed dramatically from 11i. Check the Oracle white papers to see the specific changes.� Oracle E-Business Tax Oracle E Business Tax in R12 is new and quite different than Oracle 11i. This module ties into the TCA hierarchies and can be greatly configured to meet your exact requirements. It is quite complicated but also very functional when setup correctly. Oracle’s E-Business Tax module is going to be most useful for companies with complex tax requirements.
Oracle E-Business R12 ImplementationsNew Oracle Implementations
If your organization is considering a new implementation of Oracle R12, contact us and let us guide you through your implementation. You will benefit from our implementation experience and methodology. A new installation of Oracle E-Business Release 12 can be quickly configured using Oracle Accelerators, which are new in Release 12. If you are a larger organization that requires an enterprise system to support your growth, we will help you to take full advantage of all the features that Oracle R12 has to offer.Upgrades from 11.0.3
Are you still using Oracle 11.0.3? If so, you should know that Oracle Premier support ended in February 2007 and Sustaining support ended in January 2009. It is time to upgrade and we have experience upgrading Oracle Applications from 11.0.3 to Release 12. We have an internal repository of known issues and we have the consultants and DBA’s with this experience. You can take comfort in knowing that our organization will make your upgrade as efficient and productive as possible.Upgrades from 11i
If your organization is using Oracle 11i and are interested in upgrading to Release 12, then we can help guide you through the process. Our consultants will discuss the benefits and risks involved in upgrading and review your options.
Oracle Database Consulting

Database Migration
Database Migration includes both upgrading an older version of Oracle Database to a newer version and also migrating from a non-Oracle system to Oracle. In either case, A1 Consulting Inc. can help you take full advantage of your new Oracle database. Currently, the newest database release of Oracle is 11g (as of December 2007). Oracle 11g has a number of very useful features including enhancements in performance, management, and scalability. However, if you are upgrading to Oracle 11g, it is important to design your architecture and business processes to utilize the new features efficiently. There have been many substantial changes and new features that need to be evaluated based on the specific business requirements and existing architecture. We offer database consulting services to assist you with your upgrade or migration. Our staff are experts in Oracle 11g and many of them have published articles and books that guide Oracle professionals in using the new features in Oracle 11g.
If you are migrating from a non-Oracle system to Oracle then there are many additional things to consider. Converting database procedures and packages from a legacy system to Oracle can be a problematic task for developers who are used to working on the legacy system. The Oracle database can be extremely robust and scalable. However, that does not mean that processes can be simply converted into PL/SQL and Oracle objects and expected to work better in Oracle. Instead, the developer needs to be an experienced Oracle developer who understands how to optimally convert processes based on Oracle’s specific architecture.

Our consultants commonly work with many databases including SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, and DB2. Each of our employees understands Oracle’s unique architecture and how it is different from other databases. This experience helps us to optimally convert tasks from legacy systems to Oracle. Upgrading to Oracle should be an exciting and positive experience. Our consultants will facilitate your migration and ensure that your company takes advantage of what Oracle has to offer.